Dean Koontz These pages are packed with information about the work of Dean Koontz: you'll find lists of novels and their dates of publication, pen names, publishers, plot summaries; short fiction; non-fiction; verse; thumbnail images of covers; books that have been published in audio format and/or movies; and much more.

The scroller below will always contain information about recently published and upcoming books. Other pages are frequently updated.

Fiction novels A-O and P-Z:  includes plot summary, pen names used, and dates of publication
Here's a bit of interesting trivia about What the Night Knows
Alphabetical list of novel titles.
Chronological timeline, fiction novels only. Here's my printer-friendly list of novels.  
Non-novels:  Short stories, non-fiction books, graphic novels, books by Trixie Koontz, about Dean Koontz, more. 
List of pen names used and books written under those names
Fiction novels that have been released as audio books or made into movies

All pre-release, e-books, and in-print Koontz books as well as many out-of-print books are available at

Thumbnail scans of the covers of fiction novels by Koontz:  #-G | H-R | S-Z
Thumbnail scans of the covers of other works by Koontz 
Thumbnail scans of the video tape covers of novels by Koontz made into movies
The Book of Counted Sorrows

The Book of Counted Joys
Dean Koontz's inspiration.
See also his publisher's websiteVisit the  77 Shadow Street "immersive experience".

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