Why did Dean Koontz use pen names?  His early novels brought in very little money, so he wrote several each year.  When an unknown author writes in that fashion, publishers urge him to use a pen name, since they feel prolific works from the same author in a short timeframe won't receive appropriate attention.  Sometimes, too, when an author writes in different genres, publishers encourage the use of a pen name for each one.  Koontz no longer uses pen names.

Pen Names Book Title(s)
David Axton Prison of Ice (re-released under Koontz as Icebound)
Leonard Chris Hung!
Brian Coffey Blood Risk
The Face of Fear (re-released under Koontz)
The Voice of the Night (re-released under Koontz)
The Wall of Masks
Deanna Dwyer Children of the Storm
Dance with the Devil
The Dark of Summer
Demon Child
Legacy of Terror
K.R. Dwyer Chase (re-released under Koontz)
Face of Fear (UK)
(re-released under Koontz)
Shattered (re-released under Koontz)
John Hill The Long Sleep
Leigh Nichols The Door to December (re-released under Koontz)
The Eyes of Darkness (re-released under Koontz)
The House of Thunder (re-released under Koontz)
The Key to Midnight (re-released under Koontz)
Twilight (re-released under Koontz as The Servants of Twilight)
Shadowfires (re-released under Koontz)
Anthony North Strike Deep
Richard Paige The Door to December (re-released under Koontz)
Owen West The Funhouse (re-released under Koontz)
The Mask (re-released under Koontz)
The Pit (never published; renamed Darkfall and published under Koontz)
Aaron Wolfe Invasion (revised/re-released under Koontz as Winter Moon)

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