Libby (Elizabeth Rebecca Moore)

Libby was a small, lithe cat of smokey coloring (black with underlying stripes that show when she moves) when we adopted her on November 9, 1996, when she was about 6 months old.  

Libby (who had been named "Scout" by her former owner) was a rescued baby: she was born under a trailer in a remote location in Idaho, and all but one of her litter mates had already died by the time she was found. She had a cold, runny eyes, and ear mites; she was taken immediately to the vet as soon as she was brought to Utah, and was put on antibiotics. 

When she was old enough for solid food, she was given microwaved Gerber chicken (at the recommendation of the vet). Her fur was also vacuumed frequently, something she apparently very much enjoyed. (She now eats regular cat food, with a preference for the liquid only, and we don't vacuum our cats.)

Libby loves to go for car rides, and she's the only cat who will willingly allow me to put a harnass on her and take her for a walk.  She's grown into a beautiful, dignified, patrician of a cat.  She gets along well with everyone (except O.C.).

Now that Libby is no longer a baby, she seldom sleeps in the crook of my arm while I'm at the computer. But she's very affectionate and rubs against me many times during the day. She loves to have her forehead stroked softly; doing so will put her to sleep in no time at all.

She is no longer small and lithe; she's a mature, fully-developed, gorgeous feline.

Update:  Libby developed diabetes and her kidneys failed, among other issues.  We helped her across the bridge on August 30, 2010.

Libby's Photo Album
Libby at the top of the cabinets
Libby at the top of the cabinets as a youngster
Rebecca Elizabeth Moore Miller
Rebecca Elizabeth Moore Miller
Libby posing
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This image of Libby looking into a pond at the top of this page came about because I fell in love with David Griffith's Lake java applet.

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