Shopping Ideas for Cats and Cat Lovers

In almost all cases below, I have purchased items from the sites listed or read the books mentioned.
Some simply provide ideas that are too cool not to share. :-)
For reference books about cat health, great books about their behavior, some heartwarming books about cats, and compelling mystery books/series with cats, visit my Cat Books page.
Great cat trees
Cat tree
Armarkat is the brand of cat tree we have in our house.  In fact, we just got a new one, because the old one, after many many years of service, was showing signs of energetic use. 

Armarkat's prices are REALLY low and the product is durable. 

And if you buy an Armarkat Cat Tree on Amazon, the shipping is almost always free!
Solutions for cats who shred the toilet paper!

Toilet Paper Guard
Toledo Toilet Tissue
                        Holder with Lid
Hardware House 582809 Toledo
Toilet Tissue Holder with Lid Chrome

TP Saver

                        Toilet Paper Holder with flap
EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder
Grohe Toilet Paper
GROHE 40 367 000 Accessories
Toilet Paper Holder, Chrome

Gatco 786 Recess Toilet Paper Holder
with Cover, Satin Nickel

Blomus Toilet Paper Holder
Blomus Toilet Roll Holder,
Wrap Around

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Mike's Cats Mats

Mike's Cat
                  Mats in UseIf you want a truly sweet handmade-for-your-cat item that they'll love, consider these mats.  The mats are made of thick yarn hand crocheted in a large circle for cats to lay on and play on. They've been used by the Animal Defense League in San Antonio, and the Cat House on the Kings in California has over 100 in use.  The creator of Mike's Cats Mats, Diana Ackerman, is currently recovering from spinal surgery.  She is interested in wholesaling the mats. The cost is just $14.00 each or 2 for $25.00, with shipping around $3.50. Wholesale would be at an even lower cost. Make your inquiries directly to Diana via email.
Kit-Cat ClockKit-Cat® Clock

The classic American-Made clock has been bringing smiles to people’s faces since 1932.  Visit the Kit-Cat Clock website to order your clock today!
Unique Assortment of Gifts and Supplies

Miles Kimball has a variety of holiday-specific and general items you may find of interest for your pet or for giving to fellow pet lovers.   Shop pet supplies at Miles Kimball
Hammock for your Cat

SnoozePal Cat Hammock in a Box
The SnoozePal™ Cat Hammock in a Box will appeal to your cat's senses:  safe and secure in a box but with open front and porthole sides, and a comfy hammock to curl up in.

The box is made of heavy-duty cardboard.
Clothing for the Cat Lover
THE best Scratching Posts we've ever found

  • TopCat Sisal Scratching Post  It's made out of rough sisal (NOT the rope, a weave!).  It's tall (29 inches), doesn't fall over, doesn't wobble, and doesn't slide across the floor.  And, of course, the best part:  cats love it.  I wrote about it in this article.

                              Cat Scratching Post
Cat posters and prints
  • and  If your cat-loving friends don't have enough cats gracing their rooms, give them some to put on their walls!  This site has a huge assortment of posters and prints, at very reasonable prices. As of this writing, there are over 2,500 posters/prints just of cats.  Both sites can frame the print for you with your choice of molding and matts; can transfer it to artist canvas as well.  Speaking of canvas, futher down the page is a link to a website where you can put your cat's photo on canvas.
  • Here are some you'll find from Renoir:
Renoir - Julie Manet with Cat
Renoir - Sleeping Girl with Cat
Renoir -
                        Woman with a Cat
Renoir - Girl with Cat
  • And you'll probably recognize these from Theophile Steinlen:
Steinlen - Cats and Dogs
Steinlen - Chat Noir
Steinlen - Clinique Cheron
Compagnie Francaise Des Chocolats
Steinlen - Girl and Three Kittens
Cat Calendar
  • All Posters has nearly 30 different cat calendars to choose from.  Here are just five of them:
Cat Note Cards

Sample Cats Who Read note cardHelen Stevens creates wonderful note cards: gift cards, sympathy cards, anniversary cards, get well cards - and cards with cats!  Check out her charming Cats Who Read collection.  The cards are very high quality – nice paper, printed by lithography - in Maine (USA). Helen takes a lot of care in matching each card with a complimentary premium envelope.
A drinking water fountain for the cat

As you may have seen in one of my articles, I'm very much in favor of these - the cats like the moving water to drink, and it's healthy.

Hagen catit® Drinking Fountain

Petmate® Fresh Flow Cat Fountain

Petmate® Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain
A food dish pedestal for the cat

I love this idea!  Having the food dish at shoulder height just seems so much more comfortable for a cat!  (We've had our cats' dishes elevated for quite a while and they really seem to enjoy it.)

Order them at Classy Cat Dishes. (They even have a dish with a "backsplash"!)
Cat Breed Gifts

A big variety of items:  clothing, mugs, calendars, stickers/buttons/magnets, custom postage, etc., which you can choose for your favorite cat breed.  These are offered by individual sellers at CafePress.

American Curl
American Shorthair
British Shorthair
Colorpoint Shorthair
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex
Exotic Shorthair
Maine Coon
Norwegian Forest
Prussian Blue
Scottish Fold
Turkish Van
A "painting" of the cat (photo on canvas, towel, tapestry, etc.)

Create memories with unique mementos at PersonalThrows:  have a photo printed on towels, handbags, tapestries, pet beds, blankets, pillows, or create a photo mural.
Off the Mark Cartoon Gifts

You can put Mark Parisi's cartoons on clothing, aprons, calendars, mugs, or frame them.

Assorted cat toys

The best cat toy has a human at the other end, as I wrote about in this article

Of course, PetSmart also has cat beds, carriers, dishes, kitty litter and boxes, cat trees, catnip - basically everything a cat could ever want. :-)

Roomba robotic vacuum

The Roomba is a great gift to yourself. 
This smart vacuum features iRobot’s proven and patented three-stage cleaning system. Innovative spinning side brushes grab dirt and debris from corners and along wall edges, then two high-speed, counter-rotating brushes pick up pet hair, food crumbs, and other debris. The powerful vacuum sucks up the debris and deposits it into a large, easy-to-empty bagless dust bin.  You can schedule it to start at your convenience.  It really makes a big difference for families with pets - we love our Roomba!     

Just cat furniture offers an online cat furniture selection of kitty cat trees, condos, scratching posts, cat carriers, and cat toys.

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