CatStuff Graphics Term of Use

Images in the graphics section of CatStuff can be used, unaltered, and not directly linked, on non-commercial websites only.
The above is the only "rule"; everything below is clarification for those people who are unsure what it means. These images are NOT public domain: all images are copyrighted - either by me or by their respective owner (not all the graphics in CatStuff were drawn or web-ized by me). Information about the contents of each page is available on that page.

DO NOT directly link to ANY images here for ANY reason or under ANY circumstances. A plea for your help!

You MUST download/save the files and install them physically on your own ISP.   DO NOT put MY URL in front of the img src command in your HTML code on your page, email, or chat. 

If you're using WebTV, visit our Help page so you can transload them to your web page.

Do not use Catstuff graphics on any business or commercial web site (if you are selling a product or service, it's commercial), or in any way that is NOT a web site. Email me if you're interested in using them in any way other than on a personal home page. 

If you promote any kind of animal abuse, don't even think about using CatStuff graphics.

Humane societies and animal rescue agencies, outreach organizations, shelters and real-animal adoption sites may use CatStuff images on their web site only.  Schools may use images from CatStuff on their webpages.

Veterinary and cattery sites may use CatStuff images under these conditions ONLY: the site must NOT encourage declawing and should encourage spay/neuter.  The images may be used on a website only, and the site must display a text or button link back to CatStuff.

The care buttons/banners and spay/neuter backgrounds may be used on ANY site, but they may not be added to any graphics collection. 

Do not further distribute CatStuff graphics. 

Don't put them in a gallery, add them to a collection, put the cats up for adoption or offer my cyberkitty accessories, make them available on a cd* or disk or downloadable from your site, or use them for postcards or greeting cards, etc. Please don't post them to newsgroups without also including the URL to CatStuff.

With the exception of the blank banners, buttons, and mouseover menu images, do not alter our graphics. 

Don't change them from whatever they are now into awards, backgrounds, banners, buttons, clipart, Geocities icons, Web Ring graphics, etc.  Don't modify the animations.

A link back to CatStuff is strongly encouraged and gratefully appreciated.

Note:  Use of any rainbow bridge graphic, background or set, requires a link to CatStuff.  Catteries and veterinary sites, because they are commercial, must display a link to CatStuff.

Note:  If an image here is credited to another site or artist, show credit to that artist or site (not to CatStuff).

Do You Want to Show a Link to CatStuff?
A credit or informational link to CatStuff is always appreciated. You can show a text link, or use our button or banner (image file installed on your own ISP, please). Click on the button below for helpful instructions on how to put our button or banner on your site. 

? Are you a good netizen?  Find out here.

* CatStuff graphics are being ILLEGALLY distributed on this CD-ROM disk - please contact me if you have any additional information.  They are being sold at pc exhibitions.


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