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Utah Valley Hotline (801) 852-8872
Southeastern Idaho...
Hot line (208) 782-2001




°  -- Sep
Regional Singles Choir: The Regional Singles Choir is looking for individuals to sing and bases are especially needed. If you wish to participate, contact Janet Orchard.  
° 02 Sep Idaho Falls North Stake Break the Fast. Church next to the Temple. Potluck - all welcome.  
° 02 Sep Rigby fireside, 106 North 3800 East, Rigby, ID; 7:00 pm.  
° 14 Sep Rigby dance 8:30 pm to 12:00 pm, 3431 East 100 North (Grant Church), Rigby, ID.  
° 14 Sep Rigby game night at the Rigby South Stake, 106 North 3800 East; 7:00 pm.  
° 16 Sep
Regional fireside, Location 2025 Jennie Lee, Idaho Falls, ID at 7:00 pm.  
° 23 Sep Rexburg Regional Fireside at 210 South 12th West, Rexburg, Idaho at 7:00 pm.  
° 28 Sep Shelly Annual Dinner and Dance, 325 East Locust, Shelly, ID; music by Kortny Albertson and Rockin-A-Team Band (upbeat country); 6:30 pm.  



Pocatello: Choir (Sundays at Alameda Stake Center 6 pm(?); message Robin Pierce Ament for more info or email for more information.



°   02 Sep Pocatello Linger Longer potluck; Please bring food to share; Caldwell Park Building, 135 South 7th, Pocatello, Idaho; 5:00 pm.  
°   07 Sep Pocatello, 1st Friday Activity, Caldwell Park Building Address, 135 S. 7th, Pocatello Idaho, 7:00 pm (All area singles 31+ invited)  
°   09 Sep Pocatello singles fireside, Alameda Stake Center, 930 East Alameda Road, Pocatello, Idaho; 6:30 pm.  
°   15 Sep Pocatello singles dance and games; Alameda Stake Center, 930 East Alameda Road, Pocatello, Idaho; 8:30-11:30 PM.  
°   16 Sep Pocatello Family Home Evening; Caldwell Park Building; 135 South 7th street; Pocatello, Idaho; Relief Society room; 6:30 PM.  
°   21 Sep Pocatello mid-singles activity, generally at the Caldwell Park Building; 135 South 7th street; Pocatello, Idaho; 7:00 pm  
°   23 Sep Blackfoot fireside held at the Blackfoot South Stake, 900 Riverton Rd., Blackfoot, Idaho. 6:00 pm. Call Pat (208) 680-9204.  
°   26 Sep Blackfoot Region Singles Temple Night. Wednesday, 8:00 pm session Idaho Falls Temple. If you would like to eat dinner, meet in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm. Call or text Pat Bowers 208-680-9204 if you would like to carpool. Call Pat (208) 680-9204.  

????=no information received for this activity. XXXX=not scheduled this month