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We will get water calls in irrigation season 2021 unless we are able to get a mitigation agreement this year following the meeting between District 29D/29H and the Surface Water Coalition representatives May 18th. Informtion on this meeting will be forthcoming. Click on the following pdf files Requested Water Calls and IDWR Response for background information on 2021 water calls. The following information provides optional mitagation for water usage due to curtailment of junior water rights from 1900 to present.

West Water (administrator of the leased water from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes) is offering a lease agreement to rent irrigation water from the Tribes. Contact Brett Bovie or Peter Thomlin of West Water at (970) 672-1811 for more information. Click on the following link Tribes_Water_Rental_Lease.pdf for the proposed lease agreement. Be advised that there is a limited amount of lease water available - first come first served.

District 1 revised the rules as of 12/18/2020 allowing Water District 29D to rent water - click on draft of Revised Rules. Also, go to the Water District 1 website and read the Water Pool Rules and become acquainted with the procedures for this season.

Water Bank....................................Rent water or protect water right and place it up for rent if not used. IDWR Water Bank


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