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We create custom stereograms based on your logo or 3D concept. What are stereograms, you say?

Stereograms are two dimensional pictures that contain hidden three dimensional images when viewed properly. To those who haven't figured out how yet, all you need is depth perception (both eyes in good working order) and some practice.

The technical mumbo jumbo is that you need to decouple convergence (how your eyes point) from accommodation (how your eyes focus). You point your eyes as if you are looking at something roughly twice as far away, while still focusing on the image at its real position. This is why it sometimes helps to have glass covering an image so you can try to concentrate on your own reflection. You stare through it to a point behind the picture, and the repeating pattern overlaps exactly one time. Slight variations in the pattern are picked up by your brain as depth changes because your eyes need to adjust their convergence very slightly to make up for those pattern variations.

Now that we're through the boring gearhead stuff, let's move on to what you came for.

What You Want: Art

You want a 3D picture to help you with an advertising campaign, promotion, motivational seminar, book cover, calendar, or to fill whatever niche you have for an eccentric bit of artwork.

What We Have: Skills

We have knowledge of the theory behind stereograms and have created the fully custom software necessary to design and create Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) for you. We have been building stereograms and tinkering with the concept since 1988. Since that time we have designed dozens of custom stereogram images for a wide range of customers and uses.

Images can take anywhere from hours to weeks to create, depending on the complexity of the scene and the pattern used to hide the image. The Temple picture below took a month of detailed 3D modeling.

What We Need: Information

Please contact us if you would like a custom stereogram made, and we will give you a quote. Two dimensional logos can be turned into embossed 3D hidden images. Full three dimensional content can be designed to meet your needs. The following information will help us give you a quicker answer:

  • Final image size
  • 3D content (the 3D image hidden in the picture)
  • What you would like for the random pattern (the regularly repeating image that gets distorted to produce the 3D image)
  • Final format (TIFF, JPG, PSD, etc.)
  • Delivery method (Image on CD, printed poster, FTP copy, etc.)

What We've Done Already: Samples

What's on Sale: Inventory

If you are interested in ordering prints, please contact us. (live links soon for the remaining items)

  • <no picture yet> Beethoven Bust
  • World Altitude Map.
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  • Salt Lake LDS Temple Centennial with a full 3D model of the building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
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