KUTV's New Animated Weather Map

{short description of image} Weather, The Movie (2.93 MB avi)

Sorry, I can't make MPEGs yet. This is a lower-resolution version of the clip that plays several times a day on our local TV.

{short description of image} Still frames:

Western satellite view (39.5KB) View of Provo and Utah Lake (59.5KB) View of the Salt Lake Valley (58.9KB) View of the Ogden area (52.6KB)

Click a thumbnail for a full-size (640X480) image.

The weather guys use this 14-second animation to display their forecast for the Western US AND the Wasatch Front in Utah. This is the most detailed 3D weather map I've seen, and I've seen quite a few of them!

{short description of image} The Original Vistapro Version

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