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About Polygony

Utah's first demoscene group, formed on September 1, 2002!

The name of our group was inspired from an IRC conversation. When it was mentioned that we were in Utah, of course the subject of polygamy was raised. This inspired dEF bASE to enquire 'polygony?', and the name was born!

Thanks to dEF bASE for the taxonomic inspiration!

Polygony Members


As we're newly formed, we don't have any releases yet. We had planned on doing an intro for Pilgrimage, but organizing tasks have taken priority over that so we're working with threepixels to have an invitation for the party created.

Now that Pilgrimage is over, I ported the netbsd 'cursesdemo' over to Win32. This demo was created by Tfinn of DC5.

I'm working on the following ideas for Pilgrimage 2004:

  • demo: 256 byte demo incorporating a chaotic iterated system, antialiasing of point cloud renderings and gamma correction.
  • demo: real-time fractal zoomer driven by joystick
  • grfx: custom fractal rendering
  • music: 1/f noise melody
  • wild: fractint deep zoom