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The era of the minicomputer generally begins in the 1960s with cheap (for the time this means a computer costing less than US$10,000 that did not require special cooling or power), reliable computers introduced by Digital Equipment Corporation. Other minicomputers were brought to market by Data General and Hewlett-Packard.

My first serious programming was on a PDP-11/70 running RSTS/E using BASIC-PLUS when I was an early teenager -- before I learned algebra, trigonometry or any serious mathematics. The PDP-11/03 is the smallest member of the PDP-11 family, while the PDP-11/70 is the largest member of that family.

Current holdings in the collection:

  • Digital Equipment Corporation
    • PDP-11/03
      • Acquired: 23-Nov-2005 on ebay for $250
      • Status: Working
      • Documentation: Yes
      • Accessories:
        • 28K words memory
        • serial line unit for console
        • asynchronous serial line for printer
        • dual RL01 disk drives
        • RT-11 w/full doc set
        • 23 RL01 disk packs
    • VAXserver 4000/300
      • Acquired: by donation.
      • Status: Working
      • Documentation: Yes
      • Accessories:
        • 3 DSSI disk drives
        • TK70 tape drive
        • CMD SCSI interface card
        • 25 ft. MMJ console cable
        • 2 MMJ to DB25 adapters
  • Fujitsu
    • M2444 9-track tape drive.
      • Acquired: 03-Dec-2005 for $0.99+tax on e-bay from a local vendor.
      • Status: Untested
      • Documentation: Yes