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Vintage Computer Collection

I've always had an interest in history. As computing changes rapidly, the early computing environments in which I worked while at Project Delta are already becoming "vintage" items.

I've started collecting items of personal significance to me as well as items relating to the history of computing in Utah and computer graphics.

Currently my collection covers the following areas:

Until I get photos of all the gear incorporated into the collection listings, I've got a little photo album of vintage items. I've also prepared a graphics timeline of items in my collection as well as other important graphics hardware. This timeline is far from complete, but its a good reference point for seeing the time period spanned by my collection.

There's always more to do with a vintage computing collection. You're always maintaining/repairing something or thinking of ways to retrofit modern technology to an older machine. I've got a list of projects for things I need to do or would like to do.

Modern Marvels: Computers

Maybe you can help identify some of the computing equipment that appeared in this episode of Modern Marvels?

General Vintage Computing Sites

These are vintage computing sites devoted to general themes or the entire hobby of collecting.

Vintage Documentation

These sites archive documentation for that old computer you just found and have no idea how it works :-).

Individual Collections

These are the pages of other collectors showcasing their machines.

Hobbyist Electronics

If you're going to interface your old machines to newer machines, you'll need an odd assortment of newer and older parts. These sites carry some of the weirder stuff you might need.

Google Video

Interesting historical films on google video.

Auction Sites & Marketplaces

Auction sites are primarily where I get interesting gear, although local donations are always encouraged!

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