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Modern Marvels: Computers

Modern Marvels: Computers is an episode of the show from the History Channel. I purchased a copy on DVD from DVD Planet for the small sum of $15. (Usually this DVD sells for about $10-15 more than that.)

Unidentified Items

The episode has quite a bit of good footage in it, but these images in particular interest me. First, let's take the unidentified items:

I know this simulator! Here are some shots from a NASA simulator used for lunar landing training.

I know this terminal! Here is a closeup of what appears to be the keyboard on a mainframe console system. The keyboard is rather interesting and looks quite "clunky".
I know this terminal! Here is a closeup of the keyboard of a second terminal. Note the colored keys on the right hand side above the area now commonly used for a numeric keypad block.

Identified Items

Uniscope Terminal Here is a screen shot of an early terminal from Sperry/Univac, the Uniscope. (More information)
CDC 6600 Mainframe Here is a Control Data Corporation (CDC) mainframe, showing CPU cabinets in foreground and tape drives in the background. The model is believed to be a CDC 6600 based on comparisons to this photo from the Charles Babbage Institute.
Xerox Alto The Alto is fairly well known and was discussed specifically in the episode.
Hewlett-Packard 2621 Terminal Factory This looks like a manufacturing or servicing facility for terminals in the 262x product line. These terminals are easy to recognize by their "E.T. head" shape to the terminal body. On the shelving in the background you can recognize a terminal from the 264x product line by the shape of the case and the wide CRTs. A third type of terminal on the bottom left of the first photo can also be seen and is believed to be an 2382A.