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Photo Gallery

At the moment, I just have some photos of terminals I own, mostly from the net. At some point I'll replace these with photos of my actual gear taken in more flattering lighting. Until then, I've got these as a placeholder. Not all of the items depicted here are in my collection and not all of the items in my collection are depicted.

Beehive Medical Electronics

  • Beehive

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

  • LA-36


  • 2621A


  • Valuator (Dials Box)
  • Digitizing Tablet, Controllers and Pucks
  • Whizzard 1645


I acquired some Tektronix graphics terminals: a 4010 model and a 4014 model. If you are familiar with the original Battlestar Galactica TV show, then you have seen these terminals in action rendering green vector graphics displays of the various ships within the show.

My Terminals

4010 From the Net

4014 From the Net


Another Tektronix storage scope display terminal.

Teletype Corporation

  • Model 43

Texas Instruments

  • Silent 700


  • W1643 Party Line Terminal