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X Window System Terminals

X Window System terminals, or just X terminals, are display terminals with bitmapped graphics for output, mice and keyboard for input and a network connection for interacting with the computer. The network connection is typically ethernet, but could be any type of network interface with a remote computer.

The terminal runs the X Window System server, either loaded across the network from a host server or contained within a ROM in the terminal. One of the main features of the X Window System is the network transparency of the system -- applications running on any host in the network can display their interface on the terminal.

X terminals first appeared in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Typical manufacturers were Network Computing Devices (NCD), Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard as well as traditional serial terminal providers like Wyse.

Current holdings in the collection:

  • 4 NCD 16P2
    • Acquired: donated by a former employer.
    • Status: 2 working, 2 for spare parts
    • Documentation: Yes
    • Accessories:
      • X server software for host
      • Original box for software
      • Model RT-101 keyboard
  • NCD XPlora 401
    • Acquired: 15-Feb-2006 for $14.00 on ebay
    • Status: Untested, reported working, need server software
    • Documentation: No
    • Accessories:
      • Power brick
      • Sun style keyboard
      • Original box
  • 2 Tektronix XP217C
    • Acquired: 25-Dec-2005 for $1.00 on ebay.
    • Status: Untested, need server software
    • Documentation: No