"Desert is land stripped to the essentials, freed of superficialities;
living in it can revitalize one's perspective."....Ruth Kirk


A trip down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon begins at Lee's Ferry, Arizona. Once you board a raft here, you're commited to several days of adventure and fabulous scenery. Some people leave the River and hike out at Phantom Ranch, but most continue to Diamond Creek, or all the way to Pearce Ferry, a distance of 280 miles. The following photographs capture a few of many highlights from this river journey.

River passengers exploring the Anasazi ruins at South Canyon, Mile 30

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Morning reflections in the Colorado River above Nankoweap Canyon. River Mile 51.

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A row boat gliding through the calm water in Marble Canyon, just above the Little Colorado

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Mule deer can be seen along the river in Marble Canyon, and in a few of the side canyons, especially Bright Angel Creek
Cactus flowers, like this claret cup cactus, decorate the Canyon in the springtime.
Swimming in the turquoise blue water of the Little Colorado River, Mile 61
Evening view across the Colorado River from Lava Canyon, Mile 66

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