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--- Northern California '97 ---

I took a mini-trip through northern California on my way to work for Silicon Graphics Incorporated. Here are my favorite pictures from the drive. Click on the image for a bigger one (be warned, some are very large). By the way, if you are using X-Windows, "xv" is _extremely_ lame about handling pictures that are larger than a screenful. I suggest using the "display" program packaged with the ImageMagick tools (which are _excellent_ may I add). The ImageMagick tools are available from By the (another) way, these images were gamma corrected to 1.10 because they looked too dark on my PC. That means that they might look a bit washed out on a non-PC monitor (so turn your brightness down!).

Panoramic view off the coast just below Fort Bragg, CA. Check out the cabin positioned precariously on the edge of the cliff. That's one bit of real estate that isn't going to sell well in a few years! (4968x834 2.18Mb jpeg)

Cove panoramic. The car nearly skidded off the road when I saw this place. I actually had to scramble down a bit of a cliff to get to this little cove, but it was well worth the climb! I had to rotate and otherwise mangle these pictures to get them to fit. It was pretty windy when I took them, but I didn't think I was _that_ wobbly. (2214x1257 1.40Mb jpeg)

The final destination! This is outside "building 43" on a beautiful Sunday afternoon (right after I got kicked out of the campus by a security guard that didn't believe I was an employee since I didn't have a badge yet).

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