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Mazatlan - Summer '96
Family reunion in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Laguna Beach - Christmas '96
Pictures from a trip to Laguna Beach, California.

Moab - Spring '97
Pictures from a trip to Moab, Utah.

Northern California - Summer '97
Pictures from a mini-trip to Northern California on my way to SGI.

Trek - Autumn '97
Pictures from a trip to Ithaca, New York. (A trek across America!)

Rushmore - Autumn '97
On the way to Ithaca, I stopped at Mount Rushmore.

Niagara - Autumn '97
Niagara Falls, NY. Just before I got to Ithaca.

Ithaca - Autumn '97
Finally! I arrived in Ithaca!

Statue of Liberty - Spring '98
The Statue of Liberty during a short trip to New York City.


What I think about "The Way Things Work".

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