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--- Trek '97 ---

Here are some pictures (taken from the car) on the "Trek Across America".

Here is the big (absolutely no mountains) sky of South Dakota. You can see the Badlands if you look closely at the horizon. (400x594 47Kb jpeg)

How about a bit of corn? This country grows an absolutely astounding amount of corn. From South Dakota to Iowa, all you could see were cornfields. (600x404 51Kb jpeg)

And more corn! This is a typical farmhouse. I must have seen half a million of these. (600x399 58Kb jpeg)

Finally! A break from the corn and on to Chicago (admittedly, when I got there, I wished I was whizzing past the corn again -- Chicago has _really_ bad traffic!). I did a bit o' image magic on these two pics to make them line up, even though they didn't at all in real life. (800x378 57Kb jpeg)

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August 2000
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