Selling examples

The following is spelling errors and typo's from the dyslexia page.
Original  Spell checked 
voule  vowel 
forign  foreign 
athoratative  authoritative 
courved  curved 
ironicly  ironically 
upsidedown  upside-down 
psudo  pseudo 
forign  foreign 
easyiest  easiest 
appearently  apparently 
Danial  Daniel 
writting  writing 
sentance  sentence 
diffinition  definition 
espeicially  especially 
classsified  classified 
serverity  severity 
unperceptable  unperceptible 
florecent  florescent 
belive  believe 
funcionality  functionality 
extenct  extent 
chanels  channels 
processess  process 
trackted  tracked 
incapolated  encapsulated 
situational  situational 
allways  always 
defferance  deference 
defintion  definition 
inperical  empirical 
hepfull  helpful 
stratageies  strategies 
futher  further 
caviot  caveat 
equivelnet  equivalent 
empobied  embodied 
graphiclay  graphically 
simular  similar 
athority  authority 
direrection  direction 
dieased  diseased 
brainiack  made up word 
symble  symbol 
trapositia  made up word 
writting  writing 
writtings  writings 
exploitave  exploitive 
Typos  Corrected 
syslecic  dyslexic 
frequest  frequent 
dylexia  dyslexia 
dylexia  dyslexia 

*Belive, believe, my spell checker catches this one about 10 times a day

The follow are spelling and typing errors that were picked up by my spell checker months after I wrote the first page of my Missionary Journal homepage in Aug. of 1996.

Original  Spell checked 
createing  creating 
tolit  toilet 
Tolit  Toilet 
accrossed  across 
regestered  registered 
speical  special 
cancled  canceled 
Goverment  Government 
recieve  receive 
transfered  transferred 
citys  cities 
Typos  Corrected 
samll  small 
sheed  sheet 
alwys  always 


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