Grandma Killian's Poetry

On the back of the picture: Glen & Elva Killian -- Feb 4, 1979  "Golden Anniversary Open House" at their home in S.L.C. . . . to Stephen & Barbara from Grandma & Grandpa Killian.

Grandma Killian was actually a gifted poet.  Over the years, on each birthday, or anniversary, or other special event, would come an original poem.  I have in my hand a poem she sent each of the grandchildren a month or so before she died.



The "Sea of Life" is never smooth;

Some days are fair --- some gray.

What e're my lot, my Savior guides;

He shows the way each day


When "Angry Billows" threaten

To destroy my very soul,

He quickly comes to comfort me ---

Steering from dangerous shoals.


When I make my "Last Voyage"

Upon this earthly sea,

He will be there!   I know he will ----

My Pilot He will be.


And though I disappear from view,

I will never be alone;

My loved ones will be waiting there

In that "Eternal Home."

Composed by Elva C. Killian

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