My good colleague, Lynn Martineau wrote this as Information Systems re-centralized to corporate; swallowing separate divison I.S. people and resources . . .

The Empire Strikes Back

Long long ago in a city far far away, the Empire maintained strict control over corporate information systems, forcing a band of rebel users to form underground operations.  These underground forces had gained in strength, led by Dupe Skywalker.  Dupe, with the help of a band of competent rebels had managed to capture and maintain a broad series of data critical to local computer operations.  This rebel victory was short-lived however, as they were soon infiltrated by imperial troopers.  The empire, led by the formidable Disk Vader, captured key rebel leaders, and forced them to work toward the advancement of the empire, followed by their inevitable demise.  Now, it is a dark day for the rebel forces; the empire has discovered their Strategic and deep Space data centers, and has swiftly moved to crush all hopes of independence.

Dupe Skywalker, Harddisk Solo and Chewbyta have been separated.  Dupe will be going to the Datago systems to be trained by the great Laserjeti Yoda.  Harddisk Solo has been captured by Disk Vader and has been turned over to Batchjobba the Hut.  After having lost his city in the sky, LANdo Calrissian has joined the rebel forces and is transporting Chewbyta and Princess Linka to help the rebels regroup.  The rebels last and best hope is to regain their position by destroying the nearly completed RIFstar.  Little do they know that the RIFstar is fully functional and will be used to destroy all that remains of the rebel forces.

Good luck rebels, may the format be with you!

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