Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

Below you'll find a  'map' of Isaiah into the Book of Mormon.  I made it using the resources I had in my home library   . . . if you find an error, please let me know.  

Why would I put this map here, on the web?

Because I've found it very useful - as in EXTREMELY useful -- in my study of Isaiah.   You might find it useful too?  

You can download the MS Word document here if you'd like to have it in that format, or picture of the same file, below,  is simply a 'pasted together' screen print stored as a jpeg file.

Just for information, this is how I study Isaiah (each Sunday for about an hour):

1.  I open up the 'Map'.

2.  I go to and open up the King James Version of the Bible in one tab, and the Book of Mormon in another tab.

3.  I get out my NIV copy of the Bible and turn to Isaiah (thanks to Ann Madsen, Professor at BYU, for this tip --  the NIV version of Isaiah does a better job of preserving the poetic structure than does the King James Version.  It also has an alternate 'rendering' of the words that can be useful to 'decode' difficult passages, and it does offer latest scholarship (including the Dead Sea Scrolls) to bear on the translation.

4.  I have open  'The Old Testament with the Joseph Smith Translation' by Julie Hite, Steven Hite, and Tom Melville.  (This book has a parallel presentation of the Isaiah (The King James Version), the matching Book of Mormon version, and other revealed scriptures, all lined up with the differences clearly visible.  Very nice!)

5.  I have my 'The Book of Isaiah - A New Translation with Interpretive Keys From The Book of Mormon' by Avraham Gileadi open (This book contains a new translation by a well-known scholar that stays as closely as possible to the Hebrew text of Isaiah.  I don't read Hebrew, so I let Avraham do it for me.  BTW, you can get Avaraham's version on the web at: )

6.  Most importantly, I let a group of BYU professors lead me by the hand.  See:     Just pick an episode, and either listen to the mp3 online, or download it.

Anyway, here is the jpeg version of 'The Map' ., . .

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