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At night, high in my frosty tower, I sometimes read my Herodotus: . . . and Solon, the Greek sage came to Croesus, king of the Lydians at Sardis, and Croesus teased and baited him saying "whom, of all men that thou has seen, (doth) thou deemest the most happy?" And Solon answered and gave him the name of Tellus of Athens. Surprised, Croesus asked the reasons. And Solon named among them that "he had children both beautiful and good, and he lived to see children born to each of them . . ." :-) Haylie Kay was born December 20th to Jon and Misty. It was touch-and-go there for a while . . . just like life: One moment you are on the way to the hospital thinking that in a couple of hours you’ll be home and eating lunch and, instead, a couple of hours later you’re pacing the floor in some waiting room at Primary Children’s Hospital and eating out of a vending machine for two days . . . ;-) But everything turned out just fine.

We had two weddings this year . . . Whew! . . . First Jon & Misty, and then Melissa & Brodie. We are very proud of our two new couples.

Melissa and Brodie bought a neat little condo not too far from us and Jon and Misty bought a cute new house just a little further still. Jon still travels the valley in his Ben Lomond Heating and Air Conditioning truck, helping keep families cool in the summer and warm in the winter; Misty works at Pizzeria, feeding those pizza-crazed masses, but now the baby is here that may be part-time. Brodie is a Graphics Designer, Web Master, Creative V.P., and a bunch of other things . . . deep in the night, Melissa says, he sometimes sneaks downstairs to play ‘Zelda’ on the Nintendo 64 ;-) Melissa is employed as my favorite Section Manager at Gart Sports and works hard at her college studies. They have a new little Bagel . . . err I mean Beagle . . . Mika (which means ‘mischievous spirit’ in some tribal tongue). Jon, Pat, Nick, James, and I toiled together on Jon’s new fence . . . lots of concrete and wood (and "No!" it hasn’t fallen down . . . Yet! ;-)

Christie? She looks forward to the end of her last year of High School, works part-time at Lil’ Audrey’s Health Spa, and she’s hardly ever without a certain young gentlemen at her side ;-) She has a sporty, red Celica . . . What’s the Beach Boy’s song . . . Oh yeah! . . . "Well she got her daddy’s car and she cruised to the hamburger stand now . . . seems she forgot all about the library like she told her old-man now . . . and she’ll have fun, fun, fun ‘till her daddy takes the T-bird a w a y . . . " ;-)

Patrick is deep into Junior High School. He spends a lot of time ‘surfing the net’, playing Nintendo games, and playing Quake -II, Command and Conquer, and anything else complicated and flashy on the P.C. He also gets a lot of phone calls from Girls . . . ;-)

He’s into hunting, though, too. His Christmas and birthday were pretty much filled up with his very own hunting rifle and all the accessories . . . well, there are still a few he has to save up for (now there’s real life for yah ;-)

Nick is really our ‘mischievous spirit’ . . . I think he must have my sense of humor. He’s sharp as a tack and soaks up Third-Grade knowledge like a sponge. He looks forward to Soccer he says. He and I got a robot kit for Christmas to put together . . . after soldering tens of resisters, condensers, transistors, two Micro-chips, etc., I thought we had it -- the bench-test was successful -- but after putting it all together ‘that robot just won’t robo’. I fear I’ve killed it --- I’m not Dr. Frankenstein after all, I must be the assistant, Igor ;-) --- and I don’t think Nick is too impressed with me. Oh well, we learned a lot, and we’ll try again . . .

James is still my little helper and the only one who still sneaks me a hug and a kiss once in a while . . . he’s not ‘too old’ yet. He’s a pretty good little reader . . . soon to be an excellent one, and he loves his school and the First Grade. He’s an excellent artist, as is Nick, and come to think of it Pat, and then there’s the professional Brodie . . . I seem to be in a family of artists. He got an ant farm for Christmas and we sent off for the ants a couple of days ago. He doesn’t believe in Santa anymore ;-( When I questioned him he said that he thinks it’s just the Mom and Dad who go out at midnight on Christmas Eve, buy the presents, and hurry home before sunrise . . . Hmm . . . O K A Y . . . might work ;-)

The beloved Bunny Battenburg (Barbara for you that are not in on the inside joke ;-) still leads a cub den, teaches tole painting, and seem to be doing a lot of quilting lately ;-) She just got back from visiting Haylie . . . "I miss her" she said to me" . . . I think she’s going to make a great Grandmother . . . and she’ll probably be one of those (i.e. a Great Grandmother) some day too. She walks/runs/jogs about 5 miles everyday now . . . and, if I do say so myself, she cuts a flashy figure doing it too ;-) (this struck-out by order of Barb ;-)

Me? Well I got a new telescope eyepiece for Christmas (this marks me as a true amateur astronomer, by the way ;-) I still defend the country by working at Thiokol ;-) and I am joined in the great Y2k battle also. What a guy, what a guy . . . "a legend in his own mind" ;-) as Dirty Harry would say. Actually, it’s all I can do just to hang-on most days. I sometimes find solace in the words of wise men of ancient years. I’m reading now of Moorish Spain, the Berbers, the Visigoths, etc. . . . yes I -am- crazy . . . but here’s a quote for you:

"At times of distress, strengthen your heart,

Even if you stand at death’s door.

The lamp has light before it is extinquished.

Wounded lions still know how to roar."

(Samuel ibn Naghrila, ca 1013 AD.)

All in all, as I look back at the year, I’m reminded of Mark Twain, who said: "you can’t travel to old age by another man’s road. My vices, which work to preserve my life, would surely assassinate you" ;-) I wonder about the busy past year and marvel how we ever survived. Warning! Don’t try this at home without adequate adult supervision! ;-)

I just went down to check on Nick’s new hamster. Hamster! you say? Not after last year’s debacle!? "Yes," I reply, the other ‘Hammy’, long gone, has been replaced. It looks at me with its beady little eyes . . . it's plotting, scheming . . . I just know . . . It knows it can escape . . . It knows it can defeat me ;-)

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Merry Christmas!! and have a Happy New Year!

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