What I tried to say, and did . . . until emotion overcame me.

(the wedding luncheon speech and toast at Jon and Misty’s wedding)

The Six PackI’m up here today because Barb said "It would only be proper for me to say a few words" before the wedding luncheon. So, in a way, I’m a living object lessons to our soon to be newlyweds. Jon, my son, I’m afraid its the fate of every married man to be prodded to do "the proper thing" by his wife; and Misty, I’m afraid its your job now to do the prodding. ;-)

Then again, it is rare to have people trapped in a room like this who -must- listen to me and so I am determined to give you a full dose ;-)

First of all, Barb and I would like to welcome all of you valued, cherished friends and family here with us. Many of you have traveled a long way to be here and we appreciate each one of you. To borrow liberally from some ancient Egyptian poetry -- ‘A friend is like a warm, dry corner in winter, and a family is like the huge, strong gate of the city that shuts against the wrath of the sky’s storm. Happy is the person who’s quiver is full of both of these.’ You are certainly these to us and will be to Jon and Misty.

Barb and I are very proud of these two soon to be newlyweds. In today’s society, we think of an ‘adventurer’ as a person who scales the Himalayas or crosses the globe in a flimsy balloon. But I remember years ago when I approached one of my professors -- a seemingly stern, and proper man, who’s outer, hard, demeanor hid a heart of gold -- to tell him I needed to miss his class and lab to travel to California to meet my future wife’s family. "My boy." he said, "you are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of life -- I’m happy for you". And he was right. Marriage is just that -- a great adventure. It is also a noble institution -- one much needed in today’s turmoil filled world. There is no more noble thing in life that a man and a women marrying, establishing a home, and sharing that ‘warm, dry corner together . . . shutting out the wrath of the sky’s storm . . . together’.

I know I’m supposed to end this little speech with a toast -- but I don’t know any modern, ‘yuppie’ ones. But, perhaps I can still complete the task with a very ancient one -- 5000 years old -- and find myself once again in debt to those ancient Egyptians.

To Jon and Misty: ‘Life! Prosperity! Health! May you enjoy these together, in love, for Millions of Years!'

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