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Compare tires and transaxles in your Europa

My Winter Project - A Zetec into a S2 Europa

Information on the Lotus 47 Europa race cars

My Lotus as I first saw it, in El Paso, TX
History of car:
My Lotus Europa (actually a "Europe") was built by Lotus in England in 1968. Here is the Lotus works ledger where the factory entered the notice of completion along with some additional details of what would become my car thirty two years later:

My Lotus When it was new, this Lotus was delivered to Bohus, Switzerland. The chassis number was (is) 0712, the engine number was 0766 and the build was completed on June 26, 1968.

    Previous Owners of 0712
  • First owner? Robert Madoerin
  • Oct 15, 1976 Ulrich Bebler
  • Oct 10, 1977 Bruno Bartl
  • Jun 26, 1979 Michael Rutschmann
  • Oct 30, 1990 Susanna Turke-Schmid
  • Dec 5, 1998 Reto Lang
  • Aug 30, 2001 Me!!!!

  • (If you know any of these people, please tell them about this page. I would enjoy speaking to them about the car & it's history.)
  • Currently 0712 is Black with black and tan (oatmeal) interior.
  • The tires are BFG R1 SCCA SRF.
  • Minilite aluminum wheels, powder coated in Yellow
  • Front Shocks are AVO. Springs are about 240#. New in Jan 2002.
  • Rear Shocks are AVO. Springs are about 140#. New in Jan of 2002.
  • The steering wheel is a Grant signature series with Spitfire hub.
  • Then engine is a Renault 807 cross flow motor often referred to as a Gordini motor.
  • A few of the highlights of this engine are:Gordini Engine
    • Pressure injected aluminum cylinder block and head
    • Very light weight (engine block=26 lbs)
    • Carb's are dual side draft Weber 40DCOE's
    • Header is 4-into-1 stainless steel
    • Hemispherical combustion chambers w/9.5:1 compression ratio
    • Steel flywheel with stock clutch
  • Renault 336 4-speed transaxle (weighing only 68lb)
  • Total weight of 0712: 1455
  • 44% Front / 56% Rear
  • 0712 has been registered with FIVA since 1997 (European Vintage Assotiation)
  • In 1996(?) 0712 competed in the Historic Monte Carlo Rally

    Recent changes:

    • Removed Renault (needed rebuild)
    • Installed Ford Zetec 2.0
    • Installed VDO electronic speedometer
    • Installed Odyssey PC-680MJ Sealed battery
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