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What key should an orchestra or band play in to play with a GHB?
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In very simplistic terms, the bagpipe can play in two major keys and the two relative minor keys.
Major Keys: A Major and D Major
Minor Keys: F# Minor and B Minor

Examples of common tunes in these various keys:
A Major: Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol
D Major: Amazing Grace, Brown Haired Maiden
F # Minor: [ I can't think of any ]
B Minor: Mist Covered Mountains, Farewell to Nova Scotia
Since the bagpipe actually plays about a semitone higher than the named note, then these keys translate to concert pitch of APPROXIMATELY:
Major Keys: B flat Major and E flat Major Minor Keys: G Minor and C Minor

And to confuse the issue:
When playing in A Major on the bagpipe, the G is G natural. But the key of A Major on piano, etc. plays G sharp, so you may run into a bit of discordance there.
When playing in D Major on the bagpipe, the G is G natural, but that agrees with the key of D Major on piano, etc.
Keeping in mind, of course, that you would actually play a semitone higher on the piano, etc.

5/9/00 Stewart Nimmo

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