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What can I do to improve my playing?
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Top 10 hints for improving

1: Get your bagpipe setup so that it is easy to tune and comfortable to play. Let a pro do it for you as they have better teqniques than you do.

2: Develop your ear, by listening to Cd's of Superior Bands, and Top solo players.

3: Same for developing timing and phrasing of tunes. This method is learning by example.

4: Play tunes beyond your current level, this will push you and drive you to excel at the simple ones.

5: Play many exercises to improve execution. Try to play them as fast as you can to increase dexterity.

6: When practicing, play tunes over twice, as this will increase better memory and cuts down on mistakes.

7: Always play in 20min. sessions to build endurance. Don't just play a tune and stop.

8: Learn a new tune every 2 weeks. New tunes brings new challenges and variety. it develops your learning skills too.

9: Every time you go back to see your teacher, Impress them. It shows you are progressing. There is nothing worse than hearing excuses of why you couldn't practice, they will soon lose interest in you, and you will likely drop out.

10: Record yourself every two weeks and keep a library. This will allow you to hear your progress, and in time you'll be able to critique your own playing. Hearing bad examples of yourself, will prepare you from making the same mistakes over, as players tend to lapse back to old habits over time.

One more note: Concentrate on the playing and the understanding of the music. Don't waste your time on figuring out what is the best chanter/reed combination and who makes the best pipes.

All that stuff will come in time, Just have fun and enjoy it.

It's music after all

4/2/00 John Mitchell

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2000-May-12 15:32
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