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There are many software packages available, both general purpose and GHB specific. Some are free and some are commercial. Free packages incude bagpipe.tex (, abc (, and Set6 ( Commercial GHB packages include Bagpipe Music Writer (BMW) (, Piob Mhor (, and Pipewriter ( The most commonly mentioned general purpose commercial packages are Finale ( and Lime ( A more recent program optimized for typesetting is Music Publisher 32 ( (formerly NoteWorthy II). Here is a more complete (but old) list of general purpose music packages.

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(Answer) What is bagpipe.tex and how is it used?
(Answer) What is "abc" notation?
(Answer) What is Set6?
(Answer) What is Piob Mhor?
(Answer) What is PiobMaster?
(Answer) What is Bagpipe Music Writer?
(Answer) What is Pipewriter?
(Answer) What is Lime?
(Answer) What is Finale?
(Answer) What is Electric Pipes?
(Answer) Is there music available in these formats?

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