Utah Amateur Radio Club
Photos from 2019 Homebrew Night
October 10, 2019
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Iambic Keyer with Kent paddles
David Buell, NN7RM's Iambic Keyer Circuit with Kent paddles.
  Pieces of 5-element Yagi
John Gardner, WA7PZJ's pieces of a Portable 5-element Yagi made from PVC pipe and copper wire
  Yagi when assembbled
John with his Yagi when assembled
  Wire antenna for small lot
Sheldon Chaplin, KI7JVH, draws multi-band wire antenna for a tiny (0.09 acre) lot.

  MJ Jorgensen, 13-year-old kit builder
MJ Jorgensen, age 13, has built kits for an 8-button “piano" and a variable-color LED.

  WA7X shows loop
Glen, WA7X, shows a loop antenna.

  (Photos by K7RLS)


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