Utah Amateur Radio Club
Photos from 2019 Homebrew Night
October 10, 2019

On October 10, 2018, UARC held its annual “Homebrew Night,” an opportunity for members of the club to show home-built amateur radio equipment.

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WE7OMG and portable dual-band
Carl Pockrus, WE7OMG, shows his dual-band J-pole made collapsible for go-kits.
  WA7JOS's mobile antenna
    mount for late-model car
Chuck Johnson, WA7JOS, made a Mobile antenna mounting bracket for a late model automobile.
  Chuck's bracket
Chuck's bracket.

  KA7OEI and down-converter
Glen Worthington, WA7X, was Master of Ceremonies.

  Lithium-ion batteries for an old H-T
Clint Turner, KA7OEI, made lithium-ion batteries for a 90's vintage H-T. He also showed a down-converter used for transmitting on the 630- and 2200-meter bands. It takes a 5 MHz input and converts it to about a half watt on the desired band to drive amplifiers on the new bands.

  KA7OEI's old tube linear 
Clint's “HF Linear of Death” — built by a young Clint using a pair of 813's.

  W7CBM's hand-machined and polished
Bryan Mogensen, W7CBM's hand-machined paddles for use with an electronic keyer.


(Photos by K7RLS)

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