The Trouble With Grandpa

With great pride, I present some screen captures from a rare piece of work called "The Trouble With Grandpa".

I mentioned "with great pride"... this is because I had a really tough time tracking this one down! I came across a reference to it somewhere, and have been looking for this for about six years. Finally, a fellow Meg fan sent me a copy, and from there, I tracked down the production company and managed to get my hands on a "master" copy.

One problem is that Meg is not cross-referenced to this little piece of work, and another is that even the production company refers to it under another name, "Grandpa's Day". However, right there on the tape and on the program itself is the title "The Trouble With Grandpa".

"The Trouble With Grandpa" is a made-for-TV 'movie', about 30 minutes long. It stars Meg Tilly and Elisha Cook Jr, and was produced by Paulist Productions in 1981. The story centers around a 17-year old Meg who lives with her grandfather, Elisha Cook Jr. While at first it may seem as if she is taking care of him, we soon see that he takes just as much care of her. It's a sweet story that seems to moralize the fact that we are all valuable, in some way or another.

I was very impressed with the acting, even though it's a relatively minor piece of work. Elisha Cook Jr. was excellent, as he always was. I wish I could give you more details, but the fact of the matter is that I snagged these captures during a brief stopover at home, and I am once again on the road! I will update this page as soon as I can, but know I've promised some of you these caps so wanted to get something up to hold you over!

As with the other screen captures, just click on the image you see here to get a little bit larger picture. See if you can spot the braces she is wearing! Enjoy, fellow fans, and let me know what you think! ** Doc **

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