Do you look like Meg Tilly?
(or, does she look like YOU?)

Over the years I've hosted this site, many people have either emailed me or commented in the Guest Book about their resemblance to Meg. Either people tell them, or they just see it in themselves. I find this interesting, and thought maybe it would be fun to put up this page where those people can share their unique appearance with all of us. Who knows, maybe we can make it into a contest? I'm not sure what the prize might be - seems to me that awarding a picture of Meg would be a little redundant since these lucky ladies (or maybe even guys - who knows!!) could just look in a mirror and see the same thing! But, it's a thought (and as always, I'm open to anyone's suggestions.)

Thanks to the courage of one such lady (who will remain nameless), I am pleased to post the series of images below. One line is of Meg, then below that is our first candidate. This picture is not what I'm hoping or expecting to receive, but thought it was a great job and amazing enough to use to HOPEFULLY get things rolling!

If you would like to send in your picture, all you have to do is send it as an email attachment. Just click on this link to send your photo(s): SEND EMAIL

Please read the paragraph below the pictures for more information....

These pictures come from Vanessa, and it was her friend who suggested she send them in. Thank you, Vanessa... you've helped expand our page!

Yahoo! More entries! Here we have submissions from Jenny and Nicole. (Isn't Nicky's kitty cute?) Thanks very much for your photos - you've helped a lot!

Jenny Nicole

Ladies & Gents, please welcome another entry... this is Leilani (beautiful name, eh?). She says others are always telling her how much she looks like Meg, and that she hopes sending in her pictures will help get others to join in. Me, too! Thank you, Leilani...

I'm back again with a few more brave contributors! I apologize to these generous and patient ladies for my delay, but at long last here are the latest submissions for the Meg Tilly Look-Alike page...


An Anonymous Entry...

A couple from Nadia

The following entry is Felisa who is from Latvia. Personally, I thought Felisa looks more like Jennifer T. than Meg, but that's just me. Besides, in the email sent with the pictures, it says "if Meg ever needs someone to play younger sister, here she is." Couldn't say it better myself!


We have another entry! Thanks to Tammy for sending in her pictures and giving me permission to use them. It just goes to show you that we can never give up hope - and that there ARE still people visiting the site! Thank you, Tammy - and here are your photos....


Our look-alikes just keep coming! Our latest submission comes from Peng - well, technically it came from her friend, Maurice - but do we really care? They are from Vancouver Island, very close to Meg's home hunting grounds. Thanks very much, Peng and Maurice - here's your photo...


Just when I'm about to give up, along comes a "Chopstix" to join our little party. Oh.. that's actually her online nickname, not my personal comment! I'm very pleased to add these pictures - for some reason, they make me think of what Meg might have looked like before she found the spotlight. So, with my faith renewed, here is "Chopstix" - thank you!

'Oh it never rains in Southern California..." but there's a very nice Raine that's got it going on further north! Meet 'Raine', the latest generous young lady willing to share her pictures. I've really come to enjoy this page and the submissions I am lucky enough to receive - I get to meet (in an email, cyber-space sort of way) the most interesting people! Here are your pictures, Raine - hope you approve of the ones I chose to use. Thank you!

For anyone wishing to send in a picture, I can handle just about any format, and it can be a single picture or a series like above. Basically, I just hope some of you will join in and help build this page. I will not reveal any information about you that you don't want, or can add your first name if you'd like. All I ask is that any pictures you send be clear and not too tiny!

Thanks, and this could be lots of fun but I need your input!
Your host,
** Doc **

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