This page is to introduce you to one of Meg's finer accomplishments - her novel called "Singing Songs". Originally released in 1994, Meg has issued a re-release of her book with a new cover photo. When Meg left home to explore a dancing career, she only brought a few items with her. One of those items was a picture of her sister, Becky, and it's that picture that now graces the cover of the re-release of "Singing Songs".

I admit that as a Meg fan, I'll probably like anything she does. But, I truly did enjoy "Singing Songs". And, the people I've recommended it to have liked it as well. The main thing to remember while reading it is that the story is told from the viewpoint of Anna, who is only 4 years old at the beginning of the story. I've taken the liberty of sharing one chapter with you at the bottom of this page.

I don't want to tell the whole story here - I'd rather you read it yourself! But, in a nutshell, "Singing Songs" is the story of a Nomadic family seen through the eyes of a child. The story can be disturbing at times, funny, and endearing. Meg has a unique style of writing, and it is very easy to follow and understand.

When "Singing Songs" was originally released, people who know something about Meg's personal background felt this story may be somewhat biographical. I found myself thinking the same thing. However, Meg originally denied this whenever she was asked this question. But, after much soul-searching and showing a tremendous amount of courage, Meg has confirmed that both "Singing Songs" and her new novel "Gemma" are both based on events that did happen to her and her siblings in their childhood.

I don't mean to violate any copyrights, but I would like to share the following short chapter from "Singing Songs" with you...

New Family

We have a big family now.  First it's just Mama and us four kids, 
and then splam! Can't even turn a corner without bumping into 
somebody new. And the strange thing is, how it happened so fast.  
They got married; then four days later, Dorothy comes back.  Mama 
gives us a quick kiss and off she hops into the Volkswagen bug 
with the new daddy.
  "Bye-bye!" she says, waving out of the window.  "Bye-bye!"
  "Where are you going?" asks Matthew.  But it's too late cause she's 
already gone.
   A week later Mama and the new daddy drive up.  "Honk honk," goes the 
car.  We all run outside and there getting out of the Volkswagen is 
Mama, the new daddy and three pale, freckle-faced strangers.  Long 
gangly limbs connected by lumpy joints.  Hair toast-colored and straggly.
   Katie and I hold on to the back of Susan's shirt.  She tries to get 
us off, but we won't let go.
   "Matthew, Susan, Anna, Katie," Mama chirps brightly, "I'd like you 
to meet Nick, Faith, and Joy, your new brother and sisters!"
   "The are going to live with us now," says the new daddy.
   "Where are your suitcases?" asks Matthew.  "Don't you have any clothes?"
   But they don't answer.  The two older ones just stare at us blank 
faced.  And Joy the littlest one looks like she's gonna cry.
   "Give each other a hug and kiss," says the new daddy.  So, we do.  
Arms out stiffly from our sides, careful not to touch bodies.
   Then we all go inside.  "Would you like to see my toys?"  Walking
careful.  Company voices.  Aching tummies.
   "Don't you have any toys?" says Matthew, bouncing around like he's on
a pogo stick.  A normal question, I think, but Faith the oldest girl, 
the twin, swings around on him, eyes narrow, fists clenched.
   "Shut up!" she says.  "Why don't you just shut up!"  And Matthew's 
mouth drops right open, cause he was just trying to be friendly.
   And from that moment on Faith had it in for him.
   "Can't stand his little whiny wheezing guts!" she'd say.  And I'd
be glad it wasn't me she hated.
   She stole Matthew's pillow and peed all over it.  And Mama didn't
even get mad at her or make her give it back.  She just said Faith was
jealous cause she didn't have a mama that loved her, and we had to give
her time.
   So now Faith has a pillow and Matthew doesn't.  And he can't sleep
without a pillow.
   I offered him mine, but he said no, that she'd just steal that one
and piss all over it too.

Please read "Singing Songs". It is very good and easy to read. Thanks!

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