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Earlier this year, I resolved to do more thorough research for the Whitnah ancestry prior to Henry Whiteneck. This involved posting some information for his father, Johannes Whitenack, as well as researching the origins of the Whitnah/Whitenack/Whiteknight families prior to coming to America.

As part of those efforts, I'm pleased to post the most comprehensive history ever published of the journey taken by the Whitnah ancestors to America in 1709. See Andreas Weidknecht for a full account.

In addition, be sure to read the Weidknecht Family, my attempt at identifying what we know about the root of our family tree.

During my search this year, I've read microfilmed church records from 1655 (in German), ordered a history book of the town of Adelshofen (also in German), and visited the National Archives in London. See the following links for some of the additional information I've gathered.

I sometimes hear people say that all of their genealogy has been done, and perhaps for some this is true. In my case, much of the information I've gathered has been available in various forms for more than 40 years. But I find that even when everything appears to be done, there are more details to discover. For example, Juliana Maria Weidknecht is the daugher of Martin Weidknecht, but to my knowledge no one doing research has ever identified her as part of this family. Often I'll search the census or cemetary records and find children who had died young, or who married but had no children. I guess you could say that my approach is "No child left behind." So Juliana, Jorg, Paul, Ursula, and others, welcome to the family (again) after all these years.

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