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Scammer email posted Sat Jul 3 16:01:05 2010
From: keshington morgan 
Date: Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 1:14 AM
Subject: Re: Ambush Gun Game, 1973 Williams

Ambush, Williams #396, 1/73, Vietnam themed gun game made at the end of the
Vietnam war (the U.S. was out of Vietnam by 1975). Politically incorrect to
some degree, as the men targets have a slight Asian look to them. Solidstate
sound for explosions (target hits) and helicopter, blacklight, bright red or
white lights flash when target hit (white for helicopter, red for tanks and
men), helicopter and men targets hoop and move when hit (tanks do not move).
300 shots with automatic rifle or 60 second game (whichever comes first),
target can be repeatedly shot for added points (each hit is worth 10 points)
by just holding trigger. Additional 100 shots and 20 more seconds of game
time available if game is set to extra time and the operator selectable
score is reached (usually 3000 points). Rifle has a "gun kick" recoil
solenoid (120 volt D-24-1400, about 10 ohms), but often missing because coil
overheats due to the constant automatic fire of the gun. The rest of the
game coils operate at 24 volts. Game uses the new 29" wide cabinet (only
Stockade and Ambush use this wider cabinet style). The game is in excellent
condition view the attach for the pictures and get back to me with your kind
of interest on it. This machine is located in new york but presently am out
of state to uk for business, but if you are interested in it, i will
instruct my son for the delivery arrangement, do get back to me with your
offer on it..

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