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Scammer email posted Fri Jul 9 18:14:11 2010
Date: Friday 09 July 2010

Hello dear

    My name is Mrs. Stacey Todd Susman, am 60yrs old and I am from 
    Atlanta City of Georgia,United States of America. I am a goods merchant 
    and used to have several industrial companies and huge shares/stocks in 
    various banks and companies around the world.I have spent all my life on 
    investment and corporate businesses. along the way i lost my husband  
    and two children in a fatal accident that occurred in November 5th 2006.

    I would say i am an introvert because i don't know much and care about 
    people, however since that fatal accident it has being difficult for me to 
    or be at rest. Later in the year 2009 February i received a letter after
    a medical check up from my personal doctor testified that i have cancer
    of the lungs which has eaten deep into my life and has since threatened my 
    I found it uneasy to survive, because i can no longer manage or run my 
    and investment again.then i quickly called up a reverend to give me 
positive idea as regards
    my status and how to spend my wealth.He ministered to me to share my 
properties,wealth to
    motherless babies/orphanage homes/people that need  money for survival
    both students that needs money/ business women and men for their
    investment and for future upkeep.

    Therefore i am writing this letter to people who are really in need of
    help.both student in college,can also contact me urgently. so that i
    can make available preparation on that also women, who are divorced 
    by their husband and cannot cater for themselves.

    Please contact me probably to let me now what you really need the money
    for, and be sincere. if you can also help me to distribute the money to 
    orphanage homes nearer your town and the less privileged in our society.
    Remain blessed,please be reminded that this has nothing to do with 
    or any act of internet fraud,this is a serious humanitarian assignment 
    requires a sincere and direct reply.

    I will give more information to you as i await your response immediately.

    Best Regards
    Mrs. Stacey Todd Susman

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