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Scammer email posted Thu Jul 15 09:08:11 2010
Subject: From Paul
Date: Thursday 15 July 2010
From: "Avocate A.P" ,
To: undisclosed recipients:

Dear Sir,
Please I am seeking your assistance to invest my late client=E2=80=99s daug=
inheritance in business in your country.
The main aims of contacting you are to assist my late client=E2=80=99s daug=
hter in few
ways (1) to assist her transfer her inheritance to your account. If possibl=
you can set up a special account on your name. After the fund will be
transferred to your account she will come to your country to continue her
education. (2)To help her have a stay in your country when she will come ov=
to meet with you and continue her education (3) to help her manage the
investment until she is old enough to handle it.
Upon your response I will give you all the details procedures on how to go=

about this investment but I can guarantee that all will be handled accordin=
to law.
I would like to let you know that she is willing to give you 15% of total
amount for your assistance and before procession of this investment I will=

draft an agreement between you and her for good understanding.
Your immediately response will be highly appreciated.=C2=A0

Thanks and God bless you.

Best regards
Avocate A.Paul

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