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Scammer email posted Fri Jul 16 09:10:22 2010
Subject: RE: REGARD....
Date: Friday 16 July 2010
From: "Mr.Paul Oladele" 

Dear friend,

I am Paul Oladele,the former Personal Assist to Cheif James Ibori,the former 
Governor of oil rich Delta State of Nigeria between 1999 and 2007 after 
serving in office to two democratic terms.

My former boss was declared wanted by the Nigerian Government recently after 
being accused of corruption but James Ibori does not plan to stand trial 
either in Uk or Nigeria where he is being accused so he was smuggled out of 
Nigeria to Dubai where he was arrested and interrogated in Dubai by the 
International Police (INTERPOL).He has been granted bail with his travel 
documents confiscated while the United Arab Emirates [Dubai] authorities 
consider extradition requests from the UK government.PLEASE CLICK TO READ 

I am very worried because i would not want anything that would make me poor 
again in life so i solicit your assistance in transferring the sum of $55m 
entrusted on me by my former boss.Please,i need your understanding here as i 
am willing to share the funds with you on 60% for me and 40% for you.I am not 
greedy but my worst fear is becoming poor.

I really do not consider prolong writing as all i need is one who is 
understandable,honest and above all,one whose financial capacity can be able 
to accommodate such huge sum in his bank account without raising alarm or 
suspicion through the banking authority of his country.

Please,i need this to be strictly confidential for security purpose and would 
appreciate if you would forward your full name,company address,telephone 
numbers,a copy of your international passport/drivers license,your official 
identification card and banking details.

I shall give you further details following your response in acceptance of my 


Paul Oladele

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