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Scammer email posted Sat Sep 4 12:32:28 2010
Date: Wednesday 01 September 2010
From: Glory Keving at 

My name is Miss Glory Keving, a 21 years old undergraduate. I am only daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Jornatan Keving My father was a very wealthy Gold and Diamond 
Merchant in Monrovia the Gold Capital city of republic of Liberia in West 
Africa based in Abidjan Ivory Coast, my father was poisoned to death by his 
business associates while my mother died when I am little and my father took 
me so special because I am the only child. 

Before the death of my father on 4th June 2008 in a hospital here in Ivory 
Coast, he secretly called me and told me that he deposited a sum of money in 
a security company here in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoere And was registered as a 
family valuable because it was in a trunk box, presently this fund is in the 
custody of security company firm. 

He also made me understand that it was because of this wealth he was poisoned 
while on a business trip with them and he instructed me to look for a foreign 
partner who will help me retrieve this box out from the Security Company. 
Without the knowledge of my uncle who was living with us then. On the 30th of 
December 2009, my uncle flew to the London with his children. With all that 
my father left behind, just because I am a woman and I do not have any right 
in my father property. My uncle seized all my father's companies and 
properties because of our traditional believe that I'm a woman. I was left 
with nothing and dropped out of school because of financial difficulties and 
my uncle's wicked attitude. Although I have contacted the security company 
they confirmed the lodgement. 

My purpose of contacting you is for you to help me, as my late father advised 
me at his sick bed. 

1) To retrieve this box that Constance the money from the security company to 
your country. 

2) To make arrangement for me to come to your country to continue my 

3) To utilize this money by investing it in good business. 

 I am now under hidings to save my life from any accidental harm that might 
befall me from them. Please tell me if you will be of assistance to me after 
your good considerations I am willing to reward you with 15% of the money for 
your good assistance. I will be glad if you will get back to me soon to tell 
me of your interest so that I will give you the contact information of the 
security company for you to contact them on my behalf as I will be 
introducing you to them. 

I am pleading to you with the name of Almighty God to help me out of this 
problem. With tiers on my eyes here as I am written you this mail.     

I am kindly waiting for your soonest response. 


With All my love, 

Miss Glory Keving

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