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Scammer email posted Wed Sep 29 18:35:31 2010
Subject: Fellow Republican - Save Utah from Mike Lee ..
Date: Wednesday 29 September 2010
From: "Fellow Republican - Save Utah from Mike Lee .."

Fellow Republican

I found these videos on the web, and they perfectly captured why I
won'9t be voting for Mike Lee this time around.

I know how important it is that whoever goes back to Washington
do everything they can to get as many of our hard-earned tax
dollars back to Utah as possible. Mike Lee will refuse any
federal money for Utah, but the money will still get spent.
It will just get spent in California or Illinois or anywhere
but here.

I've voted Republican all my life, but Utah has to come first.
Our state can't afford to have Mike Lee in the Senate. I don't
know about you, but I'm going to be voting for Sam Granato this
time out.

What do you think? Is Mike Lee too extreme for Utah?

Forward this email and spread the word. Save Utah from Mike Lee.

1482 East 3010 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107


[This is a spam, probably not a scam.  Gotta love those anonymous 
political emails.  The spammer is unwilling to use his name and yet 
expects us to believe him.  Scammers and spammers are both liars.]

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