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Scammer email posted Tue Oct 12 16:05:28 2010
Date: Tuesday 12 October 2010
From: Haley Stalwart 


My name is Haley Stalwart, I'm a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States  
Army and a
member of the USARPAC Medical Team that was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq.

I want to share important information about my experience while serving with
the U.S 1st Armored here in Iraq that would be of mutual benefit to us. I
however cannot reveal all the information now due to the fact that we have not
yet agreed to cooperate in this mutually beneficial enterprise. In  
other words,
I am constrained to hold back some information for security reasons for now,
until you have find the time to visit the BBC website links below to  
enable you
have an insight into what I intend to share with you, hoping that the
information contained there will pique your interest one way or the other.
Please view the bbc news website below.

After digesting the information contained in the website I will like a
confirmation of that so that we can discuss a matter of high importance and
mutual interest. I must confess that I am very uncomfortable sending this
message to you as I cannot predict your reaction, you may misconstrue the
importance and decide to go public, which will be rather unfortunate. With the
worse in mind, I have to say that the essence of this message is strictly for
mutual benefit.

I will be more explicit upon a response from you. Please respond with a
confirmation that you have visited the website and that you are keen on
learning more. I will await your thoughts via my personal email address;

Thanks for your time,

Best Regards,
LT. Haley Stalwart

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