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Scammer email posted Sun Oct 17 17:34:26 2010
From: "Bernard Joe" 
Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 10:49 AM
Subject: PAYMENT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks for the mail,
           i so much appreciate it.your asking price $200.I'll handle the 
shipping arrangement myself,Concerning the payment & shipping arrangement. My 
client in the state wants to pay me sum money worth $1500 via a certified 
Check .I'll instruct him to issue it on your name and address provide to 
me.Having it in mind that businessis based on trust,immediately you comfirm 
the receipt of the payment delivered.Take it to your bank and get it cash, 
deduct the amount due for the purchase and remit the remaining funds to my 
reputable shipping Agent via Western Union Money Transfer.After that,he will 
come over to your place for the pick up arrangement to commences.Also he 'll  
be the one to handle ownership tittle and other documents on my behalf  
inorder for this transaction to work out fine.. If this arrangement it's okay 
by you,kindly get back to me with all this details below so that the payment 
can be issue out for you without no further delays.
        1)Name as to be written on Check
        2)Full address to where the Check will be mailed out to
        3)Phone # so as to contact you
            Looking forward to hear back from you Asap.

          From: Bernard Joe 
          Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2010 8:15 AM
          Subject: Backglass a 9

                       Good Morning to you over there,I am interested in 
immediate purchase
                of your item,but before i proceed on this transaction i will 
like to ask
                some question as follow. i can only raise cashier check or 
money order for
                the payment of your item so i will like to know if the item is 
                available and also if is in good condition?Please your answer 
on this, will
                enable me to issue your payment to you asap

                1. Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / Money Order)as a mode of 

                2. What is the firm price of the item?

                3. Will you let a shipping company to come to your house for 
the pick up of
                the item?

                4. Do get back to me with your contact info where you want the 
payment to
                address to

                5. I will like you to contact me to my personal email address 

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