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Scammer email posted Tue Oct 26 08:04:55 2010
Subject: Greetings To you in Jesus Name.
Date: Tuesday 26 October 2010
From: "Mrs. Caroline Apeurika" , "Mrs. Caro=

Good Day and how are you? My name is Mrs. Caroline Apeurika,

I am contacting you because I want to donate the sum of =A33.5 Million to
you, I=92m seeking for a trustworthy person whom I will give my life time
savings to help run a Charity Program and if possible establish an
Orphanage Home with the money as I will depart this wicked world soon
due to oesophageal cancer. I want to help the poor kids and less
privileged ones as much as I can especially the motherless. I am a widow
and have no child my husband and our three children died in an
auto-crash, I have no one around me to trust as they all want to loot my
assets and never care about my interest. Presently I am at the hospital
receiving treatment.

Please if you can be trusted and sincere to take up this project then I
will gladly order transfer of the fund (=A33,500,000.00) Three Million
Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds to you and 30% of the money will be
your gratification as a token of gratitude for assisting while you will
use the remaining 70% for the project. I admit that we do not know each
other and as a matter of fact we are stranger to each other, but before
I started searching for someone online I prayed over it for 4 days for
God to direct me to an honest person,so immediately I saw your contact I
developed confidence and decided to trust you and contact you for this

I wish you are that honest and hardworking type that I desire to donate
this money to. Please reply me as quickly as you can for further details
on how this amount would be transferred to your account before I depart
to the bosom of God my creator, because my health has deteriorated so
badly that I can die at any time according to doctors.

Contact me back if you are interested and willing to handle the fund and
proposed project, with my private,

Sincerely Yours

Mrs. Caroline Apeurika

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