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Scammer email posted Sat Nov 6 10:01:15 2010
Subject: 30% OFFER
Date: Friday 05 November 2010

Dear Friend,

Your private via-email address well receive and I also want to let you know 
that I am a serving US General Army and the commanding security to Iraqi 
Nation and also with Afghanistan as national security adviser to the 
countries security.

I and some other high ranking Officers made some deal on oil business over 
there in Iraq before my exit to Afghanistan currently assisting co- General 

Stanley Mc Chrystal. Presently in states. 

The deal worth $25m united states dollars and after we have all share the 
money I later realize $17.5m which is my personal share of the deal, due to 
my status as a US General, I can not be able to move this huge funds to my 
country to avoid further interrogation or face any kind of probation by my 
country government.

I want you to know that I have make an arrangement with the United Nation 
security company in Iraq for the movement of the consignment to take this 
consignment to united nation regional head office in the Mideast which was 
located in Egypt- Cairo.  

I will offer to you %30 from the whole amount and we also have to keep a low 
profile of communication until we achieve our aims and ultimate goals.

Can you be able to help me receive this huge funds in you name? So that I will 
continue facilitating the process of moving the boxes to you and please note 
that we also have to keep this honorable deal a top secret because I do not 
want anyone to know about it due to my present position in the US Army.

I await your urgent response as soonest as you can

Best regards.

Gen David Smith

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