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Scammer email posted Sat Nov 6 13:19:00 2010
Subject: FROM MISS Linda
Date: Saturday 06 November 2010
From: Linda Ado 
To: undisclosed recipients:


Dear Respectful One,

I am writting you this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since =
have not known or met each orther before, I am asking for your assistance
after I have gone through a profile that speaks good of you. I will be so
glad if you can allow me and lead me to the right channel towards your
assistance . firstly, I have to introduce my self to you,My name is Linda
Ado, I am 23 years old single girl, I am studying geology at East Legon
University , I am the daughter of late Mr Ado, My father was the director o=
Compagnie Ivoirienne D'Electricite (CIE), He was assassinated by the Rebels=

on one of his visit to their contract site at Bourke, the Rebels claimed th=
my father was in support of the government in the war that nearly divided
this country into two parts, my mother died when I was small so I was in
school in east legon University here.

My mother pass away when was seven year old.Right now I am staying in the
church power of life Gospel church because the war here brought a lot of
displacement I don=E2=80=99t have family here so there is no where to run t=
o,I would
like to appeal to you confidentially to assist me concerning my late father=
deposit here in Abidjan of $3.500,000,00, ( three million five hundered
thousand USD) I want to move out of here because the crisis that started he=
for some time now is still on and there is no sign that it will be well wit=
the country. The government has scheduled election for November and the
Rebels are seriously threatening the government for another war.

If you are willing to assist me I am ready to send you every information=E2=
about my father including his passport and the document of the fund and any=

information that you will need for your verifications and proof.

Can you sincerely assist me in transferring this fund into your account and=

assist me In coming over to meet you in your country,

Can you assist me in securing a school so that I can complete my education?

Can you invest this fund in a lucrative business for me for the period of 5=

years so that After completion of my education I will join you on the

Can I trust you to provide a place for me to stay? Can I also trust you to=

safe keep this fund when it transferred to your account?

If you are willing to help please indicate in your next mail and let me kno=
so that I can mail to you the documents and make arrangement for the deposi=
to be released to you. Let me have your full address and I will discuss wit=
you some details. Let me know in your discussion what you expect to deduct=

when the transfer is made to you, i mean the percentage,

Waiting for your response,

Miss Linda.

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