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Scammer email posted Sun Nov 14 00:17:58 2010
From: robert johnson 
Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2010 9:36 AM
Subject: Payment on the way

      Dear .
       I really do appreciate your sincere Commitment to this
      transaction. Payment and pick-up arrangement as been concluded. I just
      had a long discussion and Faxed your payment details to my Financial
      Associate instructing him to issue out this payment from what he was
      owning me on our last transaction and have it mailed to you on my
      behalf.I had requested that my associate includes my shipping charges
      to the payment to be mailed to you which you would have paid to
      my Delivery Company on my behalf.I please ask that you expect a payment
      of $3400 We have agreed on a purchase payment of $1000 plus extra $100
      making $1100, Please have that deducted once you have cash the money 
order and the rest paid to my shipping client Via any Western Union Money
      Transfer to enable the pick up of my entire goods in care of my shipper
      that he will use for all his flight charges and for the insurance of 
      my Item and other items like (motorcycle,washing machines,e.t.c) i 
placed order for within the states,he could have send the money to the 
shipping client but they have not yet assign who to come for the pickup not 
to case Demo rage fee on my side,i hope you understand?I am counting on you 
to handle this funds in trust,OK.Details for the
      transfer of funds would be emailed to you as soon as I get a
      confirmation from you that you have receive payment.
      I request you please deduct an extra $50 again for the inconvenience
      of having to wire the funds to my shipping client.Please do keep me
      informed as soon as this payment gets to you  just have in mind that you 
are helping me as well because i trust you from a distance.
      Please acknowledge this email I have sent you and await my Payment next 
      Capt Rob.

                                              IN GOD WE TRUST

The above is the actual scammer email received. It has been scrubbed of recipient information.
If you received an email like this you have several choices.
Whichever option you choose make sure you do the following:

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