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Scammer email posted Fri Nov 19 00:39:52 2010
Subject: PLS. Save ME and My Funds..
Date: Thursday 18 November 2010
From: "Ms. Nussy Collins" , "Ms. Nussy Collins" 

To: undisclosed recipients:

Sincere Greetings!

I want you to please spare me 3minutes of your  time to read this pathetic 
of mine life. I am Nussy Collins, the  daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Collins. 
am citizen of Abidjan in Ivory  Coast. My late parents was victims of 
crisis in my country. My  late father was a reputable cocoa farmer and I am 
their only surviving  child.

My late father left me an account worth US$12.8Million with a bank  in Benin 
Republic owing to political instability in my country he could  not deposit 
funds in my country as the economy of my country is  unstable due to political 
crisis each and every other time. The problem  that I am having is my uncles 
believe by traditional rights they are  supposed to inherit my late father's 
assets. The issue became serious  when they innocently took me to our farm 
in order to show me my  father's landed properties not knowing that they 
to kill me in  the bush. To bring the long story short I was saved by a hunter 
who  brought me to the hospital where I spent six months. 

I promise to return him a favour after I am through with the transfer of my 

Please,  I need you to secure these funds into your bank account so that I can  
relocate to your country, right now I have left my country into Benin  
where my uncles cannot find me again. The problem I am having  now is that my 
father left an agreement with the custodian of the funds  that I must get 
married before I can come up to claim the funds or have a  foreign partner who 
will assist me secure the funds and have it  invested into a lucrative 
This is where I need you to act like  my husband or take the position of a 
foreign partner in order to have  the fund transferred to your bank account.

I will be glad to hear from you and please send me also your details for me to 
know you more.

Yours Sincerely
Ms. Nussy Collins

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