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Scammer email posted Sat Nov 27 17:26:15 2010
Date: Saturday 27 November 2010
From: Mercy Pedro 

My Darling,

I am happy to receive your lovely mail today, how are you doing i hope
you are in a good health condition with your body, my name is Mercy
Pedro.i am 24years old from Ivory-Cost,i am a daughter of late Dr.
Williams Pedro , he was a successful business man he deal with palm oil
plantation in my country here in Ivory-Cost which he is well known as
the owner of the largest palm oil=A0 plantation here in our country . but i
 am presently now in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal because of
the War that occurred in my country that took the life of many people
including my parents.
i am here now in the Catholic Church here in Senegal, the name of the
Church is Christ De King Catholic Church Dakar Senegal, i only sustain
by the help of the church and the help of the reverend father in charge
of the camp here his name is Father Leo Joseph he is the person whom i
use his computer to write to you this mails as the Reverend father in
charge of the refugee camp here.

Please i want you to listen to this? before the death of my father he
deposited the sum of $ 9.5 Million in the bank with my name as the next
of kin as the only child of the family. i want you to help me and
transfer this money to your account in your country so that after the
transfer you will prepare for my coming to meet you in your country for
us to invest the money in your country because i don't have any body
here in Africa again that is why i need your help so that you will help
me to handle this money.

I have write to the bank but what the bank need is for me to look for a
partner who will stand for me and use his account information to receive
 the money. please i want you to write to me back concerning this with a
 mutual interested so that i will give you the contact of the bank for
you to=A0 write to them for confirmation OK.

Please try to call me with this reverend father's phone number so that
we can be talking regularly ok this is his phone number=A0 +221 77 30 38
579, just feel free to call me with this number as soon as you call me
tell the Reverend Father that you want to speak with me ok he will send
for his assistant to come to the camp and call me. OK.

Please Darling try to call=A0 me i need your assistance ok because i will
be happy to come=A0 over to your country to meet you there and also to
continue my study over there in your country ok.

have a nice day am waiting to hear from you i love you with faith and trust.

Sweet Kisses from your lovely one,

Mercy Pedro.

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