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Scammer email posted Fri Mar 25 07:53:22 2011
Subject: From Sgt.Adam Bill
Date: Friday 25 March 2011
From: "Sgt. adam Bill" 

From Sgt.Adam Bill,
How are you today?Hope Ok.

I was so happy to hear from you and also very happy that you are
willing to help me move this funds out of Iraq.However,I=C2=A0 assure you
that at the end of this transaction we will have a great cause to smile
and you will not have any trouble what-so-ever i promise you.

  I have already planned on how to use this money and start a new life
when I move out of Iraq by May. I have survived two Bomb attacks this
year and don=E2=80=99t=C2=A0 know how many I will encounter before=C2=A0May=
 when I will be
 out.i have lost 6 of my colleagues alone this year.All this prompt me
to use this money and move out=C2=A0 where I will start a new life.

I have made arrangements for safe delivery of the package.

What we need to do is to ensure that this is kept strictly
confidential between the two of us and this will be the best move we
will make as it is very clear that the less people know about this the
better.I will be with you for my own share of the money as soon as I am
discharged from Iraq by May.

  I will like you to know that I am putting a great deal of trust on
you to handle this money for me until I leave Iraq . It would be painful
 if at any point you double-cross me and make away with my own share of
the funds as well, I trust you will be a friend and allow us both to
benefit from this.More assurance on this topic in your reply to this
mail will go a long way in making me more confident to send this money
to you. On this note what i need from you is your full name,full contact
 address and phone number so that i will forward it to the courier
company as the beneficiary of the package.

  Like I wrote in my first mail I have found a secured way of moving
the money out.The deal goes like this:some of the troops will be
deployed to Afghanistan soon and the are required to either carry their
belonging with them or send them back to their families.Our authorities
will be using the help of an independent courier company that have
affiliate offices worldwide to send back their belongings.

On this note what i need from you is your full name,full contact
address and phone number so that i will forward it to the courier
company as the beneficiary of the package.

Once I forward your information's to the courier company,They
will contact you to arrange properly on how the delivery will be
made.You should bear in mind that the courier company does not know the
content of the package, so please never tell them that it is money. It
will be marked personal effects in your name and will be locked with
three combination which I will give you when the package is on transit
to you.

For your part in this you will receive 30% of the total funds. I
think this is fair enough. Your comment on this will also be
appreciated. For confidentiality sake it is better for us to continue
all further correspondences through this email.

Please tell me a little about yourself in your reply to this email.
I await your immediate response with the needed information.
I am attaching my picture to you and i will like you to send yours in your=

next message.

Sgt. Adam Bill.
Semper Fi

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